For sustainability reasons it is necessary to raise the political awareness of the working conditions of health professionals in remote areas. The strategic opportunities of tele-consultation and tele-mentoring for remote primary care have to be disseminated to political committees and stakeholders in the BSR. One of the most important instruments was our conference "Connecting Health Care Professionals via ICT. Tele-mentoring and Tele-consultation in Primary Health Care" held on February 14th, 2014 in Tallinn, Estonia.
All speakers and presentations.

Download the stakeholder list here.

Further contacts, discussions and presentations are necessary to inform and convince the relevant stakeholders about the success of the pilots. Find here the report on project presentations and discussions with political committees.

Find also actor and stakeholder analysis and the summary of statements made during the PrimCareIT Final Conference and joint transnational conclusions as well as an overview of the written agreements signed by the stakeholders, decision makers, professionals and politicians in health care in participating countries.