Connecting and supporting health care professionals via ICT

As our population ages, society faces new challenges. Demand for primary health care services is rising: with the retirement of older professionals and an unwillingness amongst younger professionals to re-locate to remote areas, there is a shortage of physicians, especially in rural areas.

It was to meet these challenges that the project "PrimCareIT - Counteracting brain drain and professional isolation of health professionals in remote primary health care through tele-consultation and tele-mentoring to strengthen social conditions in remote BSR", was initiated.

The official end of the project was in March 2014.

Sami Perälä,
Lead Partner

28 March


PrimCareIT Final Report

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27 March


Fifth Newsletter published

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16 February


Final conference: Get your results to go

All about the conference "Connecting Health Care Professionals via ICT - Tele-mentoring and Tele-consultation in Primary Health Care" on February 14th, 2014 in Estonia. Read more