Connecting Health Care Professionals via ICT.

More than 120 guests participated in our conference „Connecting Health Care Professionals via ICT. Tele-mentoring and Tele-consultation in Primary Health Care".

On February 14th, 2014 we presented in Tallinn, Estonia, our results and developments after two years of hard work. Our goal was to make remote primary health care more attractive to health professionals. By testing and piloting tele-mentoring and tele-consultation we found new ways of cooperation. Conclusion: Deployment of tele-consultation and tele-mentoring provides plenty of opportunities for professional networking, continuing medical education and career development.


  • Welcome speech.
    Ivi Normet, Deputy Secretary General on Health of Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia
  • The PrimCareIT project - new possibilities for eHealth.
    Sami Perälä, PrimCareIT Project Director
  • Integration and cooperation.
    Paula Risikko, Minister of Social Affairs of Health of Finland

Discussion with decision makers from the Baltic Sea Region: Tele-mentoring and Tele-consultation - support for primary health care in remote areas.

  • Liudmila Zhilevich, Head of the Department of Primary Health Care, Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus.
  • Ivi Normet, Deputy Secretary General for Health of Ministry of Social Affairs of Estonia
  • Diana Ingerainen, Head of Estonian Society of Family Doctors.
  • Aulis Ranta-Muotio, Chairperson of the board of South Ostrobothnia Health Care District, Finland
  • Eriks Mikitis, Director of the Health care Department at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia
  • Justina Januševičienė, Head of Health Care Services Acceptability and Accessibility Monitoring Unit at Ministry of Health of Lithuania
  • Per Mosseby, Director of the Center for eSociety at SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions)

Possibilities and impact of Telemedicine.
  • Reasons and solutions against brain drain and professional isolation of health professionals and its effects on health care provision in remote primary care. more
    Alfonsas Vainoras, professor of Sport Institute at Lithuanian University of Health Sciences and senior researcher in Human Health Institute.

  • The strategic opportunities of Tele-consultation and Tele-mentoring for remote primary care.
    Peeter Ross, e-Health Expert at the Estonian E-Health Foundation
  • Stakeholder involvement.
    Johan Berglund, professor of Public Health at the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

Large scale implementation of Tele-consultation and Tele-mentoring.

  • Implementation of Tele-consultation in pilots.
    Tobias Larsson, professor in product development at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
  • Implementation of Tele-mentoring in pilots.
    Kristjan Krass, online learning environment developer in the Estonian Society of Family Doctors
  • Lessons learned in Tele-consultation pilots.
    Ewy Olander, Senior lecturer, School of Health Sciences, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden

  • Lessons learned in Tele-consultation and Tele-mentoring Pilots.
    Raimo Rintala, Senior consultant, MD, Kauhava Primary Health Care District, Finland
  • Lessons learned in Tele-mentoring pilots.
    Giedrius Vanagas, Ph.D., MPH Professor of Lithuanian University of Health Sciences


Ivi Normet
Ivi Normet started her career as a Pediatrician at the Mustamae Children's Hospital in Tallinn. Since 1998 she works in the Ministry of Social Affairs, first as a Head of Prevention Bureau of Public Health Department. In 1999 she was transferred to Health Care Department where after various positions, she was appointed Deputy Secretary General on Health in 2005. She is Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Estonian e-Health Foundation and Member of the Estonian PACS Foundation. In 2007-2013 member of the Supervisory Board of Estonian Health Insurance Fund.

Paula Risikko
Paula Risikko is the Minister of Social Affairs and Health of Finland in Prime Minister Jyrki Katainen's Cabinet. She is Doctor of Health Sciences, a health care teacher and nurse by education. She has diversified experience from work in the social welfare and health care sector. Risikko is a third-term Member of Parliament. In the previous government she was Minister of Health and Social Services. She holds a number of positions of trust at the national, regional and local level and in NGOs.

Sami Perälä
Sami Perälä was born in Seinäjoki, Finland, in 1970. He has degrees in nurse, Master´s degree in health sciences, vocational teacher education and professional development in management. Sami Perälä started working in South Ostrobothnia Health Technology Development Centre (EPTEK) in 1999 and became executive director in 2006. He has presented South Ostrobothnia Health Care District (SOHCD) in international eHealth projects since 2008 and leads PrimCareIT project.

Peeter Ross
Peeter Ross, MD, PhD, is an associate professor in Tallinn University of Technology. He also serves as an e-health expert at Estonian E-Health Foundation and holds radiologists position in East Tallinn Central Hospital (ETCH). He is a founder and CEO of radiology and e-health consulting company SMIS International LLC. Dr. Ross has previously worked as a Director of R&D in ETCH, been a member of the supervisory board of the Estonian E-Health Foundation and Estonian Health Insurance Fund. Peeter is responsible for research and teaching of healthcare innovation and use of digital applications in health domain. He has participated actively in designing and implementation of Estonian nation-wide Electronic Health Record system. Peeter has also been involved in several EU funded eHealth projects. Dr. Ross is a contributing member of the Teleradiology, Ethical Compliance and Audit and Standards subcommittees of European Society of Radiology.

Alfonsas Vainoras
Alfonsas Vainoras is senior researcher in Human Health Institute and professor in Sport Institute, Lithuanian University of Health Sciences. Participate in EU projects INTERREG, was head of ITEA2 project GUARANTEE. In 1980 Defended doctor thesis of „Automatization of diagnostics of heart rhythm and conduction disturbances". In 1996 Defended dr. habilitatus thesis" Investigation of heart repolarization processes at rest and during physical load (using 100 point mapping and convenient ECG data.Field of interest: development of new analysis systems based on human organism complexity, investigation of interactions of different fractal levels in human organism; development of new technologies for e.Health systems in Lithuania and Europe.

Johan Berglund
Leader of "Political awareness" work package in PrimCareIT is a physician specialized in family medicine and Professor of Public Health at the Blekinge Institute of Technology, Karlskrona, Sweden. His research is primarily oriented around the health of the elderly - Gerontechnology and Applied Health Technology in general. Previously served as Chairman of the Swedish Society of Family Medicine.

Tobias C. Larsson
Tobias C. Larsson is a chaired professor in product development at Blekinge Institute of Technology. Tobias Larsson deals with research in product-service system innovation in order to increase organizations innovation capability and competitiveness. The research is applied within space, aerospace, transportation and healthcare sectors. Main objectives is efficiency in operation and effectiveness in delivery of new values for society. Tobias Larsson leads several national and international research projects, and also educates in the above areas at the university.

Kristjan Krass
Kristjan Krass - online learning environment developer and project leader. He has Master's degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences. Pharmaceutical professional in with over 12 years' experience in corporations in a multinational environment. Currently operating as a PrimCare IT project leader and online learning environment administrator. He is working as a online learning environment developer in the Estonian Society of Family Doctors for 7 years. Developed and maintained online learning environment and the web site focused on video recorded library usage and development GP practices quality management in individual and organizational level. The support contained training in the use of online learning environment, software applications, digitizing video, audio, as well as maintaining system hardware and software.

Ewy Olander
Ewy Olander is senior lecturer in Public Health at the School of Health Science, Blekinge Institute of Technology. She is a district nurse and program manager for the District Nurse program. Ewy Olander has a long experince of distance education with online learning management tools. Ewy Olander´s research field is Health Promotion and Applied Health Technology with main focus on studies of development processes and evaluation of methods and technology in this field of Primary Health Care.

Raimo Rintala
Raimo Rintala, Senior consultant, MD, Kauhava Primary Health Care District, Finland. Raimo Rintala is a medical doctor, who has 40 years of working experience in different positions in the area of Primary Health Care. He has worked as a Health Center Doctor, District and Provincial Medical Officer in Finland. He has worked for over 15 years in the developing countries Asia and Africa as a medical adviser to support the governments development projects in Primary Health Care both in rural and urban areas.

Giedrius Vanagas
Prof. Dr. Giedrius Vanagas has graduated at Kaunas University of Medicine (Kaunas, Lithuania). He is currently working at the Department of Preventive Medicine of the Lithuanian University of Health Sciences as Professor in Public Health. He also works group member of Primcare IT project and work for number of National and International organizations such as the European Commission, WHO and others as an external expert. He is also an editorial board member and reviewer for a number of international scientific journals, such as the American Journal of Public Health Research, Medicina, Scandinavian Journal of Public Health, BMC Health Services Research Telemedicine and e-Health, International Journal of Medical Informatics, International Journal of Technology Assessment in Health Care. His main scientific and research interests are health economics, health technology assessment and epidemiology.

Per Mosseby
Per Mosseby is a director of the Center for eSociety at SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions). He is currently CIO and Head for SALES's Digitization division SALAR (Swedish Association of Local Authorities and Regions) and he is the former Mayor of the City of Vaxholm. Since January 2013 is Per Mosseby expert of Digital Commission of the Swedish Government.

Justina Januševičienė
Justina Januševičienė, Head of Health care services acceptability and accessibility monitoring Unit at Ministry of Health. Deputy Chairman of Coordination Board for eHealth Projects Development at Ministry of Health as well as Deputy Chairman of eHealth projects supervision Committee, Republic of Lithuania since 2012. Until this year she was a head of General Affairs department, in charge of ICT development in health care sector of Lithuania. By the end of 2007 until the beginning of 2012 she was in charge of legal supervision of planning and management of EU funds, allocated for health sector. Member of Bioinformatics study Committee of Vilnius University. Currently involved in legal scientific researches of the interaction of Law and Ethics in the progress of biotechnologies at Vilnius University.

Liudmila Zhilevich
Candidate of Medical Science, Deputy Head of the Board on Organization of Medical Care - Head of the Department of Primary Health Care in the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Belarus. She coordinates the work in primary health care, special outpatient aid, general practice, implementation of IT in primary health care. Liudmila is a Belarusian expert on primary health care in the Baltic Sea Region.

Aulis Ranta-Muotio
Aulis Ranta-Muotio is a former member of the Parliament of Finland (1995-2007). He has worked in several parliamentary committees and held confidential positions in national and municipal level. He has the honorary title of maakuntaneuvos, "county counselor", admitted by the President of Finland for the valuable work he's done for the society. He's been a member of the South Ostrobothnia Health Care District's council since 1993, member of the Health Care District's executive board since 2005 and currently holds the Head of the Executive Board position. Aulis Ranta-Muotio is also the member of the political strategic board of eHealth for Regions network.

Eriks Mikitis
Eriks Mikitis is a Director of the Health care Department at the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Latvia. Eriks Mikitis started his career at Valmiera Regional Hospital in Valmiera. The period 2001 - 2012 he worked at State Agency for Compulsory Health Insurance (later change name to National Health Service) in Riga in different positions (head of health care price department, head of contract department, deputy director). Eriks Mikitis studied Biophysics, Medical cybernetics and Public Health.

Diana Ingerainen
Diana Ingerainen is the director of the Estonian Association of Family Doctors and a general practitioner at the Järveotsa Family Doctor Centre in Tallinn. She is also a member of the governing body of the Estonian Medical Association. She has organised information weeks and a conference for general practitioners, taken part in a Ministry of Social Affairs round table on matters handled by family doctors and was a member of the working group on the public health and first contact development plan from 2006-2009. She is also a member of the supervisory board of the E-Health foundation.