Report on project presentations and discussions with political committees An Actor and Stakeholder Analysis with country specific plans - Abstract

The study introduces an actors and stakeholder analysis relevant to all healthcare systems within the Baltic Sea Region. It starts with an overview of how the different healthcare systems are governed and organized. This overview aims to provide an understanding of how the identified list of actors and stakeholders can be related to: firstly, different levels of the healthcare organisation, and secondly, different healthcare systems in general. The information gathered in this study is conducted through questionnaires to each of the participating countries. Results from the questionnaires show that there are many differences in terms of organization, financing and decision making between the participating countries. The actor and stakeholder analysis provides essential information on involved actors and stakeholders to the eHealth policy process. An overview of important actors and stakeholders in such processes and plans for contact with these, are also presented.

For more information, contact Ewy Oleander, Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden.

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